~ W.H. Sommer Park ~


      In the search for the best location for the event, many sites were considered. Two factors narrowed the field, one that it be a wilderness location, and the other that it be within the Peoria Park District, since it began as a Centennial Celebration for the city. A third consideration that it be handy to travelers coming from out of town narrowed the choice to the chosen location, W. H. Sommer Park. This excellent facility is a part of the Peoria Park District, a wilderness park, that provided the kind of background we wanted for the Powwow, and also offered the excellent services that made the event work so well. Steve Montez was at that time the director at Sommer Park, and his devotion to making the event work, was a large factor in its overall success.  Steve worked hard at turning every obstacle into a workable solution, in regard to facilities for the event.