The "Return to Pimiteoui" Website

This is the original and official RTP site, all about the Peoria Powwow, and many related subjects.

Peoria Tribe of Oklahoma Website this tribe gave our city its name, visit their site!

 Potawatomi Language Dictionary Site This online dictionary project of the Potawatomi language from our Prairie Potawatomi friends in Mayetta Ks, features the work of Jim Thunder, Jim McKinney among many others.

 nIshnabe'k - The People

          from the Potawatomi Web

Smokey McKinney's Potawatomi Web This is the great Potawatomi site from our Prairie Potawatomi friends in Mayetta Ks, Smokey McKinney and his father Jim, who has served as one of the spiritual guides for our powwow. 

Ray Youngbear Contemporary Mesquakie Poet.  The Sac and Fox (Mesquakie) tribe were the tribe who signed the treaties for the land of the Illinois river valley. They claimed ownership from time immemorial.

River of Song - The Mesquakie Tribe by Don Wanatee (Don and his family danced and represented the Mesquakie (Sac & Fox of The Missisipi in Iowa) at our very first Powwow and welcomed us as the director of the Tama Powwow at Tama, Iowa,  the following year.

 Meskwaki traditional arts Traditional Mesquakie artist Adeline Wanatee displayed her famous beadwork in Peoria, at a Native American recognition event hosted by the Peoria Library and organized by Jo Lakota. Adeline later attended our very first powwow.


The Woodland Nations

The Woodland Nations and other tribes that had heritage in the Illinois River Valley were invited to our first Powwow and showed overwhelming and gratifying support. A somewhat complete list of the tribes invited and attending representing former inhabitants of the Illinois River Valley includes:


Peoria Tribe of Oklahoma

Sac & Fox of Missouri

Forest Co. Potawatomi

Pokagon Potawatomi

Ottawa Nation of OK

Munsee Delaware Nation

Western Delaware Nation

Moraviantown Delaware of Can

Apache Tribe





Sac & Fox of Miss & Iowa

Miami Nation of OK

Miami Tribe of IND

Loyal Band Shawnee

Citizen's Band Potawatomi

Creek Nation of OK

Winnebago (Nebraska)

Eastern Delaware of OK

Osage Tribe





Prairie Band Potawatomi

Sac & Fox of Oklahoma

Kickapoo Nation (Kansas)

Seneca Nation of NY

Eastern Shawnee

Absentee Shawnee of OK

Wisconsin Winnebago

Kickapoo of Oklahoma

Oglala Sioux