GBM was the first "Real" group I was a part of, and these guys

are still among my best friends today. We began playing in the

Early 70s, and did that for a number of years. I still love to get

together and jam. Larry was the singer and songwriter without

any challenge from Dan or I, LOL. But along the way, Dan and

I both emerged as having capabilities there, and probably with

enormous help from Larry. The track, "Well on Our Way" was a

pinnacle of what we were trying to do, and that song alongwith

the most very fine, "Lady of the Lake" by Dan Monk, were featured

for recognition of local area groups on Peorias WWCT Rock 106.


Larry Banta- great Singer, songwriter, fingerstyle guitar and slide guitar player beyond comparison.

Dan Monk- vocal harmony, lead vocals, lead guitar, and

slide guitar, all done with inherent excellence.

Les Whisler- vocal harmony, lead vocals, rhythm guitar and

extrodinary harp player. J