Finding Ellen was easy; our paths were meant to cross. Her father was my oldest buddy. I had held her when she was just a tiny, tiny, baby. After living out of state for a while, I returned to my hometown to teach art. There was a gangly fourth grader in one of my classes. Ellen was living with her grandmother now. She was a cute little blondie with more than just a touch of crazy fun about her. She was all elbows and knees, with a heart as big as the whole schoolhouse. And we got acquainted all over again...

More years went by, and one night, my wife dragged me to a special music night at a church. There, next to the altar rail, stood this pretty blonde girl, a teenager now, who shyly opened her mouth to sing...........It was Ellen.

To my surprise, what came out, was the most beautiful voice I have ever heard! A powerful, beautiful, musical, voice!!, and without even one moment's hesitation, I talked to her about getting an act together. And we did. She named us FOXFIRE.

In the time that we worked, wrote and performed together, we also sort of adopted each other. And though she lives far away from me now, she will always be close, because of the special kind of love that we share.