This website was created by my father, Les Whisler.

He passed away on November 27th, 2009. He asked me to keep it going, the family genealogy part, at least. It's mostly as he left it.

Dad was a renaissance man, an art teacher and artist: photography, drawing, painting (watercolors towards the later years), ceramics, made musical instruments (Indian flute, deer-skin drums, cigar box guitars, washboards and thumb pianos), played guitar, wrote songs and sang them and others; Indian study, replicated their instruments and artifacts, speaker on the Indians and history and learned a little Lakota Sioux, taught art and computer intro after hours, Microsoft-certified, and an early adopter to digital cameras and graphics, IQ over 140, amateur Shaman, heavy equipment operator and foreman, intuitive engineer and problem solver, inventor, web designer and developer, partner with his Safety Compliance computer program, bandmember, recording engineer, early social network adopter in ICQ and online hangouts, friend to tribes, Return to Pimiteoui Pow-wow board member along with mom, movie & TV fan, and lover of books: Kurt Vonnegut, Richard Brautigan, Philip Jose Farmer, Jack London, among many others. Beloved dad, grandpa, great-grandpa, husband, and friend. Rest in Peace, Dad.

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